Letter Y Sound

The Letter Y Sound is a voiced palatal semivowel. The Y Sound can also be represented by the Vowel I and the Vowel E. The Letter Y and the Y Sound can be hard for kids to learn, however, with the Letter Y Song, Letter Y Video and Letter Y Worksheets, they will have fun learning the Consonant Letter Y Sound.

Letter Y Song

Press the play button below to listen to the Letter Y Song.

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Print Lyrics: Letter Y Song Lyrics – Click Here

Letter Y Video

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Letter Y Worksheets

y Letter Y Sound
Letter Y Handwriting Worksheet – Click Here
beginning consonants W X Y Z Letter Y Sound
Beginning Sounds Worksheet – W, X, Y, Z – Click Here

alphabetcoloring y Letter Y Sound

Letter Y Coloring Page – Click Here

the letter y Letter Y Sound
Letter Y Worksheet – Click Here

Letter Y Words

yacht, yak, yam, yank, yard, yarn, yawn, year, yeast, yellow, yes, yield, yoke, yolk, you, young, your, yowl, yo-yo, yuck

These letter words are taken from the Phonics From A to Z Book.

Letter Y Resources

phonics package 3 Letter Y Sound

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