Letter O Sound

The Letter O Sound has two different letter sounds: Short O Sound and Long O Sound. The Letter O and the Vowel O Sound can be hard for kids to learn, however, with the Letter O Song, Letter O Video, Letter O Worksheets, and Letter O Words they will have fun learning the Short Vowel O Sound and the Long Vowel O Sound.

Letter O Song

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Letter O Video

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Letter O Worksheets

o Letter O Sound
Letter O Handwriting Worksheet – Click Here

short vowel letter o sound worksheet Letter O Sound
Short Vowel O Sound Worksheet – Click Here

long vowel letter o sound worksheet Letter O Sound
Long Vowel O Sound Worksheet – Click Here

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Letter O Coloring Page – Click Here

short vowel o puzzle Letter O Sound
Short Vowel O Puzzle – Click Here
long vowel o puzzle Letter O Sound
Long Vowel O Puzzle – Click Here
the letter o Letter O Sound
Letter O Worksheet – Click Here

Letter O Words

Short Vowel O Words

blob, block, blot, bop, box, chop, clock, cob, cod, cot, crop, dock, doll, dot, drop, flock, flop, fog, fox, frog, gob, got, hog, hop, hot, job, jog, knob, knock, knot, log, lot, mom, mop, nod, not, on, ox, plod, plop, plot, pod, pond, pop, pot, prop, rob, rock, rod, rot, shock, shot, shop, slop, slot, sob, sock, sod, spot, stop, tock, top, trot

Long Vowel O Words

bold, bolt, cold, colt, fold, go, gold, hold, jolt, mold, no, old, poll, pro, roll, scold, scroll, so, sold, stroll, told, toll, troll, volt, alone, bone, broke, choke, chose, close, clothes, clove, code, cone, cope, cove, dome, dose, doze, drove, froze, globe, grove, hole, home, hope, hose, joke, lone, nose, note, phone, poke, pole, pose, robe, rode, rope, rose, slope, smoke, spoke, stone, stove, stroke, those, throne, tone, vote, whole, woke, wrote, yoke, zone, boat, cloak, coach, coal, coast, coat, croak, float, foam, goal, goat, groan, Joan, load, loaf, loan, moan, moat, oak, oats, roach, road, roam, roast, soak, soap, throat, toad, toast, whoa, below, blow, blown, bow, bowl, crow, flow, flown, glow, grow, grown, know, known, low, mellow, mow, pillow, row, shadow, show, shown, slow, snow, sparrow, stow, swallow, throw, thrown, tow, willow, window, yellow, doe, foe, goes, hoe, Joe, toe, woe

These letter words are taken from the Phonics From A to Z Book.

Letter O Resources

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